Lake Lyndon Lodge is ideal for:

  • Church groups
  • Social groups
  • School groups – outdoor education classes offered
  • Sport enthusiasts – water skiers, snow skiers, hikers, cavers
  • Family retreat
  • Scouts / Girl Guides / Pathfinders

Accommodation available: 
(Note: Each bed has a mattress however no bedding is provided.)

Two Dormitories:

  • One dormitory sleeps 21 and the other sleeps 19
  • Each dormitory is heated: The flu (chimney) of the Pot Belly Stove in the main hall will heat the front dorm when the fire is lit. The flu (chimney) of the Coal Range in the kitchen will heat the rear dorm.

Three Separate Bedrooms:

  • Room 1 – Two single beds.
  • Room 2 – One double bed and one single bed.
  • Room 3 – One double bed and one single bed, with a spare mattress that can be used on the floor.

Cooks Room:

  • This room is attached to the side of the kitchen for the ease of the person/people responsible for keep the coal range burning. This room has 1 double bed and 2 single beds.

Other Facilities:

  • Main hall, kitchen, washroom facilities plus two ablution facilities.